about me

About 5 years ago, I became familiar with the programming world, and started working and I was working in a good position, although I would never be satisfied with myself because there is always something I have not learned. The potter is drinking from broken jug after the first 5 years of the first version of my own site. To date, I have partnered with 3 companies as web designer and programmer (Smart Web Solutions, Startup Bags, Modern Ideas Company).

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I've worked on programming languages

languages & skils

$languages = [                  $skils = [
    'HTML5',                        '80%',
    'CSS3',                         '80%',
    'Sass',                         '70%',
    'Less',                         '70%',
    'JQUERY',                       '80%',
    'JAVASCRIPT',                   '60%',
    'PHP',                          '75%',
    'RUBY',                         '40%',
    'mysql',                        '55%',
    'sqlLite',                      '40%',
];                                ];



To contact me, use the contact form or social network. Thankful